It is the Robotics club of PMEC and is a focal point for activities and projects related to robotics in the campus. It provides the platform to educate technology and its advancement, develop skills and convert innovative ideas into reality.

The Robostreaks Club is a community of students who derive pleasure in creating robots that may even be potent to work without human intervention. Each member of this family is provided insight into mechanical, basic electronic, monetary and informatory aid besides the indispensable guidance of experienced members. Club will support and foster interest in various aspects related to robotics, in particular, mechanical design through workshops and projects. Competitions of various levels will be held under this club which will develop your interest in Robotics.


Robotics today is a field where a lot is happening. Not many things can be comprehended by a human brain. It was the aim of making robotics an everyday phenomenon. With a vision of involving as many students as it can, in various activities related to Robot development, we continue to grow.



M. kamalkanta (3rd Year Production Engineering)

 2 Anish kumar     (3rd Year Electrical Engineering)

Anish kumar     (3rd Year Electrical Engineering)